Atom tractor beam


This project, funded by the Vienna Business Agency, communicates current research results in materials physics. Materials are defined by their chemical structure, i.e. the arrangement of atoms. To control the material properties, you can either rearrange or replace atoms. The team of Dr. Susi uses an electron beam in a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) to manipulate strongly bound materials with atomic precision, opening new possibilities for nanotechnology. Because the instruments used are fully computerized, it is possible to show how researchers use them. This allows for compelling and realistic presentations of the most recent research in materials science. This information will be made accessible with the inclusion of a simulator in a special exhibition of the Vienna Technical Museum as well as via an online version. Selected target groups beyond those already familiar with such research will be introduced to the project through this specially developed program. 

Funder: Vienna Business Agency

Project identifier: 2229226

Principal investigator: T. Susi

 Project publications