Inquiries about thesis projects

Below, you find a list of available thesis topics. In addition to that, other projects can be offered in following research areas:

Jani Kotakoski

Atomic-scale chemical and physical tailoring of low-dimensional materials, ranging from introduction of defects and impurity atoms to the growth of new structures. In situ (scanning) transmission electron microscopy, effects of electron and ion irradiation on the atomic structure of materials, and other topics.

Toma Susi

Atomically precise manipulation of impurity atoms in graphene and other materials using focused electron irradiation. Quantification and modeling of irradiation-induced dynamical effects with theoretical tools including time-dependent density-functional theory. Transmission electron microscopy imaging and spectroscopy from first principles.

Christian Rentenberger

The atomic structure and properties of amorphous materials can be modified by various ways like mechanical, thermal or irradiation treatments. The modification of the structure of bulk or nanoscaled samples and their dynamics will be characterised by different methods including transmission electron microscopy and nano indentation.

 Available thesis projects

If you are interested in one of the following projects, please contact the supervisor.

Bachelor's theses

Master's theses

  • Realistic frozen phonons: thermal diffuse scattering from first principles (MSc thesis; supervisor: Toma Susi)
  • In situ chemical modification of materials in an electron microscope (MSc thesis; supervisor: Jani Kotakoski)
  • Radiation stability of isotopically enriched hexagonal boron nitride 
(MSc thesis; supervisor: Toma Susi)
  • Size-dependent dynamics of structural modifications in amorphous nanoparticles (MSc thesis; supervisor: Christian Rentenberger)

 Past and ongoing thesis projects

A list of past and currently ongoing thesis projects at PNM can be found here: Theses