Name Group Topic Time period
Lukas Aitzetmüller Zehetbauer group Verfestigung biodegradierbarer ZnMg-Legierungen durch HPT-Verformung und die Auswirkung anschließender Wärmebehandlung - 2021
Angelika Ambrusch
Giacomo Argentero Kotakoski group/Meyer Understanding 2D Materials with 4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy 2017/08 - 2017/10
Alexandru Chirita Mihaila Susi group Three-dimensional description of vibration-assisted electron knock-on displacements in 2D materials 2018/07 - 2023/04
Bernhard Fickl Kotakoski group Atomic resolution in-situ oxidation and evaporation study of molybdenum ditelluride utilising environmental STEM 2018/06 - 2020/10
Murray Gibson Susi group
Moritz Hartleb Zehetbauer group High cycle fatigue investigations of a biodegradable Mg5Zn-alloy processed by severe plastic deformation - 2020
Felix Herterich Kotakoski group 2020/06 - 2021/06
Pit Hilgert Susi group
Stefan Hummel Kotakoski group 2017/07 - 2018/01
Heena Inani Kotakoski group Atomic scale dynamics and modifications of stacked heteronanostructures under extreme conditions 2018/01 - 2021/12
Manpreet Kaur Susi group Signature of valence bonding in electron diffraction (in prep.) 2021/04 - 2023/05
Luis Alfredo Ixquiac Méndes Kotakoski group 2022/03 - 2022/08
Julia Lang Kotakoski group Atomic-scale electron irradiation damage in 2D MoS2 - 2022/10
Ruri Lee Zehetbauer group Corrosion properties of biodegradable SPD-processed and thermally treated Zn-Mg alloys - 2022/10
Gregor Leuthner Kotakoski group Electron irradiation effects in two-dimensional materials 2014/12 - 2021/05
Ursula Ludacka Kotakoski group 2015 - 2020/01
Rasim Mirzayev Kotakoski group Fabrication and characterisation of graphene-based mixed-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures 2016 - 2021/07
Mohammad Monazam Kotakoski group
Regina Pinter Administration 1982 - 2021/12
Andreas Postl Susi group Towards automated atom manipulation in the scanning transmission electron microscope 2018/06 - 2022/11
Gudrun Pötzelberger Susi group First Principles Simulation of Ion Implantation Into Graphene 2017/08 - 2021/03
Rajendra Singh 2018/02 - 2022/12
Michael Somma Kotakoski group The role of chemical etching in the electron irradiation of SWCNTs in a 1D-2D carbon heterostructure - 2022/10
Alberto Trentino
Mukesh Tripati Kotakoski/Susi Modifying low-dimensional materials using energetic charged particles - 2019/03
Adela Tulic Rentenberger group Structural characteristion of laser-ablated FeW nanoparticles using transmission electron microscopy - 2022/10
Georg Zagler Nucleation, Growth and Transformation of Metals on Two-Dimensional Materials at the Atomic Scale - 2022/12