Below, you find list of past and currently ongoing thesis project at PNM. If you are interested in writing your thesis at PNM, you can find further information here: Thesis projects

Name Supervisor Topic Degree Defense date
Lukas Aitzetmüller Erhard Schafler Verfestigung biodegradierbarer ZnMg-Legierungen durch HPT-Verformung und die Auswirkung anschließender Wärmebehandlung MSc 2021
Giacomo Argentero Jannik Meyer Understanding 2D Materials with 4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Dr. rer. nat. 2017
Thi Thuy An Bui Jani Kotakoski Measurement of electron irradiation damage in two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride MSc 2020/10
Thuy An Bui Kimmo Mustonen, Jani Kotakoski Atomic Structure od 2D Metal-Iodides PhD ongoing
Alexandru Chirita Mihaila Jani Kotakoski The predicted influence of temperature on knock-on damage in graphene MSc 2018
Alexandru Chirita Mihaila Toma Susi Three-dimensional description of vibration-assisted electron knock-on displacements in 2D materials PhD 2023/04
Shrirang Chokappa Jani Kotakoski Low energy xenon irradiation effects in 2D hexagonal boron nitride MSc ongoing
Somar Dibeh Toma Susi Automated electron-beam manipulation of graphene impurities MSc 2023/06
Bernhard Fickl Jani Kotakoski Atomic resolution in-situ oxidation and evaporation study of molybdenum ditelluride utilizing environmental STEM MSc 2020/10
Alissa Freilinger Jani Kotakoski Structure of thin amorphous materials MSc 2023/10
Moritz Hartleb Erhard Schafler High cycle fatigue investigations of a biodegradable Mg5Zn-alloy processed by severe plastic deformation MSc 2020
Pit Hilgert Toma Susi Temperature-dependence of the knock-on damage cross section of graphene MSc 2020
Daniel Imrich Jani Kotakoski Implantation of metal heteroatoms into graphene MSc ongoing
Heena Inani Jani Kotakoski Atomic scale dynamics and modifications of stacked heteronanostructures under extreme conditions PhD 2021/05
Philipp Irschik Jani Kotakoski Atomically clean 2D materials through heating in vacuum MSc ongoing
Umair Javed Jani Kotakoski Catalytic activity of edges in 2D materials PhD ongoing
Wael Joudi Jani Kotakoski Defect-induced alteration of the mechanical stiffness of graphene MSc 2022/01
Wael Joudi Jani Kotakoski Direct correlation between the exact atomic structure of defect-engineered 2D materials and their macroscopic properties PhD ongoing
Manpreet Kaur Toma Susi Signature of valence bonding in electron diffraction (in prep.) PhD ongoing
Clara Kofler Jani Kotakoski Measuring the interlayer distance of twisted bilayer graphene using interferometric 4D-STEM MSc 2023/10
Eugen Kozyrau Toma Susi Real-time drift compensation for focused electron irradiation MSc ongoing
David Lamprecht Jani Kotakoski Fabrication and imaging of oxidation-free phosphorene MSc 2023/05
Julia Lang Jani Kotakoski Atomic-scale electron irradiation damage in 2D MoS2 MSc 2022/09
Manuel Längle Jani Kotakoski Two-dimensional noble gas MSc 2020/09
Manuel Längle Jani Kotakoski Low energy irradiation on 2D materials – from single defects to few-atom noble gas clusters PhD 2024/03
Ruri Lee Michael Zehetbauer Corrosion properties of biodegradable SPD-processed and thermally treated zn-mg alloys MSc 2022/10
Gregor Leuthner Jani Kotakoski Electron beam induced chemical etching at graphene edges PhD 2021/05
Ursula Ludacka Herwig Peterlik SAXS and WAXS investigations on cellulose of Picea abies MSc 2014
Ursula Ludacka Jani Kotakoski Atomic structure of low dimensional materials and their in-situ transformation in the transmission electron microscope PhD 2019
Rasim Mirzayev Jannik Meyer Laser-induced effects on single layer graphene MSc 2014
Rasim Mirzayev Jani Kotakoski Fabrication and characterization of graphene-based mixed-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures PhD 2021/07
Daryoush Nosraty Alamdary Jani Kotakoski, Toma Susi Simulation of quantum confinement and plasmonic response in geometrically designed silicon structures within graphene lattice MSc 2017
Andreas Postl Toma Susi Towards automated atom manipulation in the scanning transmission electron microscope PhD 2022/11
Gudrun Pötzelberger Toma Susi, Alexander Markevich First principles simulation of ion implantation into graphene MSc 2021/03
Marius Predel Jani Kotakoski Growth of metals and magnetic structures on 2D materials PhD ongoing
Diana Propst Jani Kotakoski Irradiation of monolayer hexagonal boron-nitride by slow highly charged ions MSc 2022/02
Diana Propst Jani Kotakoski Quantum centers in diamond PhD ongoing
Nandhini Ravindran Toma Susi Atomic-level characterisation of ion-irradiated van der Waals heterostructures PhD ongoing
Michael Somma Jani Kotakoski The role of chemical etching in the electron irradiation of SWCNTs in a 1D-2D carbon heterostructure MSc 2022/09
Carsten Speckmann Jani Kotakoski Inelastic Scattering Effects and Oxidation Damage in Semiconducting and Insulating 2D Materials PhD ongoing
Mukesh Tripathi Jani Kotakoski, Toma Susi Modifying low-dimensional materials using energetic charged particles PhD 2019/03
Adela Tulic Christian Rentenberger Structural characterisation of laser-ablated FeW nanoparticles using transmission electron microscopy MSc 2022/10
Morris Weimerskirch Kimmo Mustonen, Jani Kotakoski Optical Temperature Assessment of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Meshes MSc ongoing
Georg Zagler Jani Kotakoski Nucleation, growth and transformation of metals on two-dimensional materials at the atomic scale PhD 2022/12