Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” – Discovering New Materials for an Emission-Free Future

The continued burning of fossil fuels to meet our growing demand for energy has brought the world to the brink of a climate crisis. In this Cluster of Excellence, researchers are working to create new technologies for efficient energy conversion and storage, paving the way to a fossil fuel-free society. One key factor is the storage of renewable energy in recyclable energy carriers: water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen, and CO2 can be converted into higher-value products - even climate-neutral substitutes for natural gas and crude oil. To fulfil this purpose, the researchers aim to develop catalysts on which chemical reactions can take place quickly and reliably. The Cluster will bundle expertise from various fields such as surface chemistry, surface physics, materials science, and computer simulation. The work of this Cluster of Excellence is an important step towards climate neutrality.

As part of the Cluster of Excellence, the group of Jani Kotakoski will combine surface science techniques and in-situ atomic-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy to create and study defect-engineered 2D materials and 2D material-supported single atoms, clusters and nanoparticles, and their catalytic properties.

FWF funding volume: €20.6 million

Participating member of PNM: Jani Kotakoski