The research group Physics of Nanostructured Materials (group speaker Jani Kotakoski) is part of the research focus Complex Nanoscale Matter of the Faculty of Physics. The group studies the fundamental physics of novel materials under dimensional constraints as well as novel low-dimensional materials. This includes investigations of their formation, structural evolution and of the physics of their unique properties. Multiscale phenomena of metals, alloys and polymers with micro/nanocrystalline structures, as well as carbon nanostructures including graphene membranes are in the focus of research. The research group comprehensively tackles structure-property relationships, physical mechanisms of complex defect configurations and their interactions. Systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium including micro/nanocrystalline, disordered and glassy structures are investigated. The three research focuses of the group are Complex Systems and Hybrid Materials, Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials.

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Clara Kofler successfully defended her MSc thesis on October 25, 2023


Kimmo Mustonen gave an interview in the research magazine Rudolphina about his research on 2D crystals in a graphene sandwich, a foundation for...


Alissa Freilinger successfully defended her MSc thesis on October 20, 2023

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All matter is composed of atoms, which are too small to see without powerful modern instruments including electron microscopes. The same electrons...


Finnish physicist Toma Susi has received the prized ERC Starting Grant of the European Research Council that funds pioneering basic research. The...


The study of molecules via transmission electron microscopy is extremely challenging, because they tend to break apart under the intense electron...