Physics of Nanostructured Materials studies the fundamental physics of novel materials under dimensional constraints, low-dimensional materials and quantum systems embedded in solid state matrices. The research includes investigations of their formation, structural evolution and of the physics of their unique properties. Multiscale phenomena of metals, alloys and polymers with micro/nanocrystalline structures, as well as 2D materials and other low-dimensional systems are in the focus of research. The research group comprehensively tackles structure-property relationships, physical mechanisms of complex defect configurations and their interactions. Systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium including micro/nanocrystalline, disordered and glassy structures are also investigated. Physics of Nanostructured Materials is one of many research units at the University of Vienna's Faculty of Physics.

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The identification of new chemical bonds is crucial for the design of new material structures. A team led by Jani Kotakoski at the University of...


Researchers from Aalto University and the University of Vienna have published the article "Graphene substrate improves the conductivity of carbon...


Assistant Professor Toma Susi was interviewed in Austria's "Die Presse" newspaper as part of a series on outstanding young researchers.


Heena Inani was selected from over 300 entries to receive the "Microscopy & Microanalysis Student Scholar Award" at the M&M 2019 Meeting in Portland,...

27.06.2019 16:49

Friday June 28, 2019, 13:15

Kurt-Gödel Auditory, Ground Floor, Strudlhofgasse 4, 1090 Vienna



The research of Georg Zagler has been highlighted in a video as part of the University of Vienna's online "PhD Corner".

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