Susi research group

Atomic-scale properties and manipulation

The Susi group is focused on understanding the effects of electron and ion irradiation on low-dimensional materials via closely coupled atomically resolved experiments and first principles modeling. Such knowledge enables the implantation of heteroatom impurities into the lattice, reveals their bonding by electron energy loss spectroscopy, and ultimately allows their manipulation with atomic precision using a focused electron beam. The group is lead by Finnish-born physicist and ERC Starting Prize grantee Toma Susi, who is tenured as Associate Professor since March 2021.

The Susi research group belongs to the unit Physics of Nanostructured Materials, which in turn is part of the research focus Complex Nanoscale Matter of the Faculty of PhysicsWe are part of the Vienna Doctoral School of Physics.

The transmission electron microscopy simulation code abTEM is developed in the group by Dr. Jacob Madsen.

Please also see the personal website of Toma Susi.