Quantum Centers in Diamond (QUEEN)



Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) pair is one of the most stable defect configurations in diamond that holds anelectronic spin that can be manipulated. As a consequence, it remains one of the top candidates forquantum technologies. NV pairs have also been in biomedicine for concurrent drug delivery and biomedicalimaging. However, not much is known about the structural details of the dopant distribution within thediamond lattice or on the effect of different dopant concentrations on the diamond electronic structure.Naturally, also the correlation between structural and electronic properties is also missing. Thus, in order tooptimize technological procedures, advanced analytic techniques and theoretical approaches are needed tounderstand the structural configurations, interactions and processes within the doped diamond crystals. Inthis project, we will create diamond structures with different dopants, study the atomic structure of the impurity sites and correlate it with their properties for providing new information and solutions for quantum applications.

Funder: Austrian Science Fund

Project identifier: P34797-N36

Principal investigator: J. Kotakoski