Toward Exotic Layered Materials: 2D Cuprous Iodide

Kimmo Mustonen, Christoph Hofer, Peter Kotrusz, Alexander Markevich, Martin Hulman, Clemens Mangler, Toma Susi, Timothy J. Pennycook, Karol Hricovini, Christine Richter, Jannik C. Meyer, Jani Kotakoski, Viera Skakalova

Heterostructures composed of 2D materials are already opening many new possibilities in such fields of technology as electronics and magnonics, but far more could be achieved if the number and diversity of 2D materials were increased. So far, only a few dozen 2D crystals have been extracted from materials that exhibit a layered phase in ambient conditions, omitting entirely the large number of layered materials that may exist at other temperatures and pressures. This work demonstrates how such structures can be stabilized in 2D van der Waals (vdw) stacks under room temperature via growing them directly in graphene encapsulation by using graphene oxide as the template material. Specifically, an ambient stable 2D structure of copper and iodine, a material that normally only occurs in layered form at elevated temperatures between 645 and 675 K, is produced. The results establish a simple route to the production of more exotic phases of materials that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to stabilize for experiments in ambient.

Physics of Nanostructured Materials
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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, University of Antwerp, Danubia NanoTech Sro, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), Université Paris-Saclay, CY Cergy Paris Univ, Inst Mat, EA 2528, LPPI
Advanced Materials
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
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