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Novel opportunities in quantum technology and condensed matter physics opened by noble gas atoms confined between graphene layers.


Atoms bind together by sharing electrons. The way this happens depends on the atom types but also on conditions such as temperature and pressure. In...


Properties of materials are often defined by imperfections in their atomic structure, especially when the material itself is just one atom thick, such...

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Chacon-Torres, JC, Dzsaber, S, Vega-Diaz, SM, Akbarzadeh, J, Peterlik, H, Kotakoski, J, Argentero, G, Meyer, JC, Pichler, T, Simon, F, Terrones, M & Reich, S 2016, 'Potassium intercalated multiwalled carbon nanotubes', Carbon, vol. 105, pp. 90-95.

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Rogl, G, Sykora, R, Legut, D, Müller, H, Bauer, E, Puchegger, S, Zehetbauer, M & Rogl, PF 2016, 'Mechanical Properties of Non-Centrosymmetric CePt3Si and CePt3B', Paper presented at SCTE-2016, 20th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements, Zaragoza, Spain, 11/04/16 - 15/04/16.

Legut, D, Sykora, R, Rogl, G, Müller, H, Bauer, E, Puchegger, S, Zehetbauer, M, Rogl, PF, Klicpera, M & Javorsky, P 2016, 'Thermal Expansion and Tthermodynamical Properties of Ce-based Compounds CeCuAl3, CePt3Si, and CePt3B; Theory and Experiment', Paper presented at 46ème journée de actinides , Alpes d'Huez, France, 16/03/16 - 20/03/16.

Caneva, S, Weatherup, RS, Bayer, BC, Blume, R, Cabrero-Vilatela, A, Braeuninger-Weirner, P, Martin, M-B, Wang, R, Baehtz, C, Schloegl, R, Meyer, JC & Hofmann, S 2016, 'Controlling Catalyst Bulk Reservoir Effects for Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride CVD', Nano Letters: a journal dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 1250-1261.

Li, C, Griffiths, T, Pennycook, T, Mangler, C, Götze, LC, Jerabek, P, Meyer, JC, Habler, G & Abart, R 2016, 'INTERFACE MIGRATION MECHANISM ON CORUNDUM/SPINEL/PERICLASE: ATOMIC STUDY VIA SCANNING TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY', Paper presented at 2nd European Mineralogical Conference, Rimini, Italy, 11/09/16 - 15/09/16.

Rafailovic, LD, Gammer, C, Srajer, J, Trisovic, T, Rahel, J & Karnthaler, HP 2016, 'Surface enhanced Raman scattering of dendritic Ag nanostructures grown with anodic aluminium oxide', RSC Advances , vol. 6, no. 40, pp. 33348-33352.


Zhang, YY, Mishra, R, Pennycook, TJ, Borisevich, AY, Pennycook, SJ & Pantelides, ST 2015, 'Oxygen Disorder, a Way to Accommodate Large Epitaxial Strains in Oxides', Advanced Materials Interfaces, vol. 2, no. 18, 1500344.

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Gehring, P, Vaklinova, K, Hoyer, A, Benia, HM, Skakalova, V, Argentero, G, Eder, F, Meyer, JC, Burghard, M & Kern, K 2015, 'Dimensional crossover in the quantum transport behaviour of the natural topological insulator Aleksite', Scientific Reports, vol. 5, 11691.

Showing entries 251 - 300 out of 568