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Seminar Micro- and Nanomaterials


  • Friday 13:15, Erwin Schroedinger Auditory, 5th floor, Faculty of Physics, Univ. Vienna



Seminar Programme (winter term 2017/2018)

06.10 All Participants Organisation Meeting  
13.10 Michael SOMMA (stud.) First order Raman processes in a 1D-2D Carbon sandwich  
20.10 Joschka HELLMEIER Tunable micro- and nanopatterns for simulating cell-cell contacts  
10.11 Sabine PUCHBERGER Domain wall motion in Ferroelastics  
17.11 Yoshihisa KIMOTO, Osaka, Japan (guest) Hydrogen Absorption Measurement of a Friction-Stir-Processed Mg-Composite  
24.11 Peter J. WLASITS (stud.)/Sebastian SONNENBERG (stud.) Superparamagnetic Ion Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment/Nanomaterials Design for Gas Detection  
1.12 Mitsuhiro MATSUDA, Univ. Kumamoto, Japan (guest) Ductile B2-type Zr-Co Based alloys and Novel Long-period Stacking-ordered Structure  
13.12 Wednesday 9:30 h JOSEF-STEFAN AUDITORY Ali TAVASSOLI, PhD - DEFENSIO p-type Half-Heusler Alloys: Phase equilibria; thermoelectric-, physical- and mechanical properties  
New Year 2018      
12.1 Tobias SLOWIAK (stud.)/Christoph TOIFL (stud.) Creation of Vacancies in 2D MoS2/tba  
19.1 Rolf ERNI, EMPA Zurich (guest) In-situ TEM of Nano-Atomic Clusters  
26.1 Kenan ELIBOL (stud.) Local Deformation in 2D materials analyzed by electron & scanning probe microscopy  
    PNM ... Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials, Faculty of Physics, Univ. Vienna  
    PFM ... Research Group Physics of Functional Materials, Faculty of Physics, Univ. Vienna  
    FÖP ... Public Presentation of PhD Thesis  
    tba ... to be announced  
    tbc ... to be confirmed  

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