News related to the group, including press releases and new appointments. For convenience, press releases are also separately listed under the contact information.

26. JUNE 2018

Alex Chirita Mihaila graduated

Alex Chirita Mihaila graduated with a M.Sc. degree on 26. June 2018, and will continue to work with us as a PhD student. Congratulations!

25. OCTOBER 2017

Giacomo Argentero graduated

Dr. Giacomo Argentero graduated on 25. October 2017 (with honors) and has already started a new career in industry. Congratulations!

June 2017

New group members

Related to the launch of the ISIHNANO project, the DIM group welcomes several new group members.

Mohammad Monazam started on June 1st as a postdoc and Alex Chirita and Michael Treacy are starting in July and Manuel Längle in August as summer students. Also in August, two senior PhD students, Giacomo Argentero and Stefan Hummel, will bring their expertise to the group.

Great to have you on board!

January 2017

New project ISIHNANO funded

A new international project for the group has been funded by the Austrian Science Fund. More information on the "Projects" page.

October 2015

Jani Kotakoski awarded the title of Assistant Professor

1. October 2015 Jani Kotakoski was awarded the title of Assistant Professor.

JUNE 2018

New group member

We are happy to welcome Andreas Postl as a PhD student to work in Toma Susi's ERC project.


New group members

We are happy to welcome two new group members: Heena Inani and Georg Zagler joined us and the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics as PhD students at the beginning of 2018.

08. SEPTEMBER 2017

Daryoush Nosraty Alamdary graduated

Daryoush Nosraty Alamdary has graduated with a M.Sc. degree on 08. September 2017 (with honors). Congratulations and good luck with the future career!

26. JULY 2017

Gregor Leuthner graduated

Long-time group member, Gregor Leuthner, has graduated with a M.Sc. degree on 26. July 2017 (with honors), and will continue to work with us as a PhD student, starting in October 2017 as a uni:docs fellow. Congratulations!

1. February 2017

Jani Kotakoski awarded the title of Associate Professor

1. February 2017 the Rector of the University of Vienna has awarded Jani Kotakoski tenure and the title of Associate Professor. University news site "Neue Professuren im Februar 2017"

September 2015

Group Disorder in Materials launched

The group Disorder in Materials was launched after the group leader Jani Kotakoski was appointed a tenure track position at the Faculty of Physics.