Terms of use for equipment and laboratories

  • Independent work in one of the laboratories of the group "Physics of Nanostructured Materials" is only permitted after successfully completing the corresponding safety training courses. All users have to take the test "General safety rules" and "Laboratory Saftey". Depending on the equipment, the user might need to take additional tests. All the tests must be taken again at the beginning of each year for the working permit in the group to stay valid. 
  • Persons accompanying the user do not have to take the safety training course. The user is responsible for those persons and they must not work alone in the lab without supervision of the user.
  • Depending on the laboratory and/or equipment it might be necessary to successfully complete an initial training. After the training the trainer has to confirm the training via (his|her) signature on the respective form.

 General rules

  • Eating and drinking in the laboratories is forbidden without exception.
  • Protective gear must be used.
  • Hazards have to be avoided.
  • The user is responsible for every accompanying person, e.g. participants of a lab course. (He|She) has to make sure that those persons strictly adhere to all local rules and guidelines and the “General Laboratory and Workshop Regulations of the University of Vienna”.


The rules listed above are only a selection. All guidelines listed in the documents accompanying the safety training course and the "General Laboratory and Workshop Regulations of the University of Vienna" must be strictly adhered to.