New outlook for atomic precision doping


An international collaboration under the co-leadership of Toma Susi took a further step to produce precisely components atom by atom. The results described in the journal "Science Advances" could ultimately lead to new processes for the manufacture of quantum computers or sensors.

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Publication in Science Advances
Engineering single-atom dynamics with electron irradiation: Cong Su, Mukesh Tripathi, Qing-Bo Yan, Zegao Wang, Zihan Zhang, Christoph Hofer, Haozhe Wang, Leonardo Basile, Gang Su, Mingdong Dong, Jannik C. Meyer, Jani Kotakoski, Jing Kong, Juan-Carlos Idrobo, Toma Susi, Ju Li. Science Advances 5:eaav2252 (2019).
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aav2252