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Mag. Dr. Gerda Rogl

Ort: 1090 Wien
Straße: Boltzmanngasse 5
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Academic Curriculum Vitae

  • Studies: Physics and Mathematics, Universaity of Vienna Master Thesis: Institute of Mathematics (supervisor: Prof. Mayrhofer): ”Compact Metric Spaces”. Institute of Physics (supervisor: Prof. Stetter): ”Diffusion in Liquids and Solids”.
  • Graduation: Mag. Rer. Nat. (Mathematics and Physics); 12th June 1969
  • Career: High School Teacher for Mathematics and Physics (all grades) at BGRG Baden (1970-1983), at BGRG Albertgasse, Vienna (1983-2003)
  • Ph. D. Thesis: Faculty of Physics, University Vienna, Physics of Nanostructured Materials (supervisor: Prof. M. Zehetbauer): ”Development of Skutterudites with High Thermoelectric and Mechanical Properties by Filling and Nanocrystallization”. Part of the thesis was performed at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, University Vienna, at the Faculty of Physics, University Vienna, Dynamics of Condensed Systems and at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Technology, Vienna (January 2008 – January 2011)
  • Graduation: Dr. of Natural Sciences (Physics); 31st January 2011

Recent research interests

  • Thermoelectric materials (skutterudites)
  • Mechanical properties and thermal expansion of skutterudites
  • High pressure torsion


  • Schoolbooks or (substantial) contributions to Schoolbooks: 3
  • Publications in Scientific Journals: 14
  • Posters and Lectures at Conferences: 17 (2 invited)
  • Research Activities Documentation

Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials
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