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Functionalizing Aluminum Oxide by Ag Dendrite Deposition at the Anode during Simultaneous Electrochemical Oxidation of Al

Authors/others:Rafailovic, Lidija D. (CEST Center of Electrochemical Surface Technology) Gammer, Christoph (NCEM) Rentenberger, ChristianTrišovic, Tomislav (Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Kleber, Christoph (CEST Center of Electrochemical Surface Technology) Karnthaler, Hans Peter

A novel synthesis strategy is presented for depositing metallic Ag at the anode during simultaneous electrochemical oxidation of Al. This unexpected result is achieved based on galvanic coupling. Metallic dendritic nanostructures well-anchored in a high surface area supporting matrix are envisioned to open up a new avenue of applications.

Number of pages:6
Date of publication:1.11.2015
Journal title:Advanced Materials
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/adma.201502451
Publication Type:Article
Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials
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