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"TEM Investigation of Multidirectionally Deformed Copper"

B. Mingler, H. P. Karnthaler, M. Zehetbauer and R. Z. Valiev

Mater. Sci. Eng. A319-321, 242 (2001).


"On the origin of work softening of Ni3Al deformed along [001] above the peak temperature"

C. Rentenberger and H. P. Karnthaler

Mater. Sci. Eng. A319-321, 347 (2001).


Advances in Microstructural Investigation Using the REM-ECC-Imaging Technique

C. Stickler, D. Melisova, B. Mingler, B. Weiss, R. Stickler

Prakt. Metallogr. 38, 19 (2001).


"Transformation dislocations and transformation induced crystal defects in CoFe alloys"

T. Waitz and H. P. Karnthaler

J. Phys. IV, Vol 11, PR8, 47 (2001).



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