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Electron Microscopy

The Group has a long standing tradition and expertise in the field of transmission electron microscopy, especially in the areas of defect analysis and high resolution microscopy. Our current main focus is on the correlation of structure and properties of nanostructured and amorphous materials.

Nanostructured materials attract considerable scientific and technological interest since they exhibit new and enhanced physical and mechanical properties. In the center of our interest are fundamental aspects of nanostructured metals and intermetallic alloys (e.g. NiTi, FeAl, Zr3Al, NiMnGa ...) and their specific atomic structures. The materials are analysed by standard and novel transmission electron microscopy (TEM) methods (like quantitative profile analysis of selected area electron diffraction PASAD), in-situ TEM and on an atomic scale using high-resolution TEM. In addition, state-of-the-art electron microscopy including fluctuation electron microscopy is used to study short and medium-range order in amorphous alloys.

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