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High-yield fabrication and properties of 1.4 nm nanodiamonds with narrow size distribution

Authors/others:Stehlik, Stepan (Czech Academy of Sciences) Varga, Marian (Czech Academy of Sciences) Ledinsky, Martin (Czech Academy of Sciences) Miliaieva, Daria (Czech Academy of Sciences) Kozak, Halyna (Czech Academy of Sciences) Skakalova, VieraMangler, ClemensPennycook, Timothy J.Meyer, Jannik C.Kromka, Alexander (Czech Academy of Sciences) Rezek, Bohuslav (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Abstract:Detonation nanodiamonds (DNDs) with a typical size of 5 nm have attracted broad interest in science and technology. Further size reduction of DNDs would bring these nanoparticles to the molecular- size level and open new prospects for research and applications in various fields, ranging from quantum physics to biomedicine. Here we show a controllable size reduction of the DND mean size down to 1.4 nm without significant particle loss and with additional disintegration of DND core agglutinates by air annealing, leading to a significantly narrowed size distribution (+/- 0.7 nm). This process is scalable to large quantities. Such molecular- sized DNDs keep their diamond structure and characteristic DND features as shown by Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, STEM and EELS. The size of 1 nm is identified as a limit, below which the DNDs become amorphous.
Number of pages:8
Date of publication:2.12.2016
Journal title:Scientific Reports
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/srep38419
Publication Type:Article
Research Group Physics of Nanostructured Materials
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