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High-Performance Hybrid Electronic Devices from Layered PtSe2 Films Grown at Low Temperature

Authors/others:Yim, Chanyoung (University of Dublin) Lee, Kangho (University of Dublin) McEvoy, Niall (University of Dublin) O'Brien, Maria (University of Dublin) Riazimehr, Sarah (Universität Siegen) Berner, Nina C. (University of Dublin) Cullen, Conor P. (University of Dublin) Kotakoski, JaniMeyer, Jannik C.Lemme, Max C. (Universität Siegen) Duesberg, Georg S. (University of Dublin)
Abstract:Layered two-dimensional (2D) materials display great potential for a range of applications, particularly in electronics. We report the large-scale synthesis of thin films of platinum diselenide (PtSe2), a thus far scarcely investigated transition metal dichalcogenide. Importantly, the synthesis by thermally assisted conversion is performed at 400 degrees C, representing a breakthrough for the direct integration of this material with silicon (Si) technology. Besides the thorough characterization of this 2D material, we demonstrate its promise for applications in high-performance gas sensing with extremely short response and recovery times observed due to the 2D nature of the films. Furthermore, we realized vertically stacked heterostructures of PtSe2 on Si which act as both photodiodes and photovoltaic as a potential candidate for next-generation sensors and (opto-)electronic devices, using fabrication protocols compatible with established Si technologies.
Number of pages:9
Date of publication:10.2016
Journal title:ACS Nano
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acsnano.6b04898
Publication Type:Article
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