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Evaluation of thermal degradation of polymer based electronic materials by non-destructive testing

Authors/others:Rafiee, P. (Technische Universität Wien) Khatibi, G. (Technische Universität Wien) Lederer, M. (Technische Universität Wien) Zehetbauer, M.

Thermal degradation of polymeric materials used in microelectronic packages was studied by means of experimental modal analysis in combination with finite element methods. The devices were subjected to vibrational loads subsequent to various stages of high temperature storage and their modal response was recorded. Statistical methods and finite element analysis were applied to quantify and evaluate the alteration of the modal response of the packages due to the degradation / delamination of the silver filled epoxy adhesive and the glass filled epoxy resin molding compound. It was shown that changes in the material properties of the molding compound due to surface oxidation is the dominant cause for alteration of the modal response of encapsulated packages exposed to high temperatures.

Number of pages:5
Date of publication:16.2.2017
Journal title:Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/790/1/012026
Publication Type:Article
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