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Observing the random diffusion of missing atoms in graphene

Imperfections in the regular atomic arrangements in crystals determine many of the properties of a material, and their diffusion is behind many microstructural changes in solids. However, imaging non-repeating atomic arrangements is difficult in conventional materials. Now, researchers at the Researchgroup Physics of Nanostructured Materials have directly imaged the diffusion of a butterfly-shaped atomic defect in graphene, the recently discovered two-dimensional wonder material, over long image sequences. The results are published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

Diffusion of a double vacancy in graphene, observed over a longer period. (© University of Vienna)

Press Release:

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Publication in Nature Communications:

Imaging Atomic-Level Random Walk of a Point  Defect in Graphene: J. Kotakoski, C. Mangler & J. C. Meyer. Nature Communications, May 29, 2014.

DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4991

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