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Local strain in amorphous materials

Under the direction of Christian Rentenberger the local, atomic-level elastic strain of amorphous materials was measured by electron scattering for the first time. The method based on tracking geometric changes in transmission electron microscopy scattering images opens up new avenues for studying metallic glasses. In co-operation with colleagues from the Arizona State University e.g. the anelastic behavior of microscaled amorphous TiAl thin film was investigated. In addition, the capability of the method to obtain micrometer scale strain profiles/maps was shown.   

Local, atomic-level elastic strain measurements of metallic glass thin films by electron diffraction
C. Ebner, R. Sarkar, J. Rajagopalan, C. Rentenberger
Ultramicroscopy 165, 51-58 (2016).
doi: 10.1016/j.ultramic.2016.04.004

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