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Doctor Kerber

We congratulate Michael Kerber on the successful disputation of his thesis.

Michael B. KERBER successfully defended his thesis with the title "X-ray Line Profile Analysis in Theory and Experiment"


The analysis of the line profiles of Bragg reflections informs on the microstructure of crystalline materials: The Bragg reflection of an ideal crystal (infinite and defect-free) is a narrow, delta-function-like peak. In real crystals (finite size and with lattice defects) the reflection is widened. Using physical models, this broadening can be related to the microstructural properties of the samples most notably to (i) the size of the smallest volume in the crystal scattering coherently or (ii) the density and arrangement of dislocations, and the frequency of planar defects. X-ray Line Profile Analysis (XPA) is an excellent tool for the investigation of nanocrystalline materials. Using synchrotron radiation it even allows to inspect the changes occurring in-situ, i.e. during deformation, etc. In this presentation, the full power of XPA will be demonstrated for data obtained during the tensile deformation of nanocrystalline materials showing a detailed evolution of numerous microstructural parameters. (Abstract as PDF)


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